Circle API
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Before starting, please review this brief introduction and instructions of how to use the demo.  When ready to start, simply log-in using your Google / Gmail account with the button above.   

This demo shows two separate but intertwined functionalities of Circle that work together with Auth0.   

1.  Circle Credential-free Authentication

This specifically demonstrates integration with Auth0 to support Federated Identity providers – in this case  Google/Gmail, LinkedIn and Github.   But any and all capabilities of Auth0 can be leveraged once it is integrated with Circle API.

2.  Circle of Trust Basic 

With Circle of Trust, the identity verification and authentication process is delegated by Auth0 to Circle.   It is then executed in Circle’s patented, distributed peer-to-peer process, which is entirely separate, independent and distributed.   It uses no central authority or credentials database which can be attacked, and enforces a direct peer-to-peer human-in-the-loop process.   

This part of the demo includes both end user and admin functionality in order to make it fast and simple to use.   This can be confusing until the functionalities and roles are understood.   Before starting, please review these tips on the how to use the demo.